Seven HorsesTM

Recognized nationally and internationally as a top 10 Best Socially-Responsible Product for 2002 and a top 100 Best Children's Product for 2002.

Invited to participate in the prestigious Dr. Toy's 100 Best Children's Products Awards Program, 2002, sponsored by the Institute for Childhood Resources. Reach 20 million consumers!



"important work and unique game"


"We have been honored to receive a special limited edition of the series of this game"
Institute for Childhood Resources, Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D. - Dr. Toy.


  • Seven HorsesTM
    Limited Edition game.

Extraordinary game set with a beautiful hand-painted rain stick case and a medicine bag joined with leather.  Wood, glass and clay playing pieces along with map and roll-up game. This is an instant classic and a stylish item you and your family deserve. Value will sure to increase over the years for this 22x22-inch game. Contact us for availability.

The Seven HorsesTM game is a great children's product, too. It's fun and has great educational value. The game creatively uses numbers, colors, shapes, geography, history, culture, astronomy, and advocates peace and protection of the earth's resources; water, animals, birds and kids.

Recipient of the 2003 Outstanding Toy Manufacturer Recognition of Excellence Award

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Seven HorsesTM
 the biggest "game board" in the world!

The jump-off point for Yellowstone Park.

"An enormous world, a world of heights and depths and distances that numb the imagination. The mountains are loftier... the streams are swifter..." A.B. Guthrie


"The Crow country is a good country. The Great Spirit has put it in exactly the right place; while you are in it you fare well. It has snowy mountains and sunny plains, all kinds of climates and good things for every season." Arapooish, Chief of the Crows

70 miles in diameter
7 mountain ranges
7 rivers
World's Biggest Game